Thank-you notes written by patients to their parents.


“Thank you, Mom, for motivating me and helping me through the journey of braces.”


“Thanks for spending the money on my braces! Now I’m ***FLAWLESS! Love you!”


“Dear Grandma, thank you so, so much for making me not have bad teeth for the rest of my life. You truly are my favorite person ever!”


“Thank you so much for all you do. Thank you for coming to every appointment and patiently waiting. I appreciate and love you.”


“Mom and Dad — Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and for paying for my braces! It really means so much to me to have such supportive and loving parents. I love you so much!”


“Dear Mom and Dad, I’m glad you put me in braces. Thank you, it was worth every penny. Thank you, thank you! I know I fought you on getting braces but it was SO worth it! Thanks!”


“Thanks for not letting my teeth be a hot mess anymore.”


“Mom and Dad, Thank you so much for paying for my braces so that I could have the opportunity to be even more attractive! Love you!”